Try Comedy with the Comedy Accelerator

8 Steps to Stage Ready

New to standup comedy, thinking of trying it, or just want to speed things up?
Comedy Shows Near Me has partnered with the Washington DC Comedy Writer’s Group to build a comprehensive jump start for your comedy aspirations. Any experience hones your writing, stage presence, performance, style, and even voice. With the Comedy Accelerator program, you can get the tools you need to get the most out of your stagetime. 
After participating in this program, you’ll leave with a 5 minute set you can take anywhere (assuming you do your homework during class), and even a guest spot on a CSNM show! 

Comedy Accelerator Class Themes

There are eight classes total that will teach you everything you need to know to learn comedy in the Comedy Accelerator Program. Each class is dedicated to teaching you about one element of comedy with active application and homework to help you build your first comedy show set.


Purchase One Class at a Time
$50 per Individual Class

8 Class Bundle

$300 Per 8-Class Series
(savings of $100)
$100 Savings

work-study Program

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